Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just a few li'l blooms

Summertime in Kentucky is often a harsh, brown affair. Since we've had so much mild weather this summer, things are actually very lush and green. In fact, I've been trying to catch up on yardwork and gardening since I got back from Europe a few weeks ago. Between my natural inclination toward summer laziness, a busy schedule of fun planned, and some periodic rain, I'm still not as 'ahead of the game' as I'd like to be.  Here are a few shots of things going on in my front landscaping this week...

My planter full of blooms is coming along nicely, but I really need to get this vinca and these daylilies under control. The vinca has grown in so thickly this year that I really need to thin it out some. At least it's providing some green from the street, right?

Here's the front of the house with some of the blooms showing up nicely. I have a few pots of blooming flowers around my front door and lots of hostas and daylilies in my landscape beds. (No, I didn't do anything special before snapping this photo. I need to get a blower and get rid of the whirligigs that are still attached to my gutters; we haven't had enough wind to get rid of them the old-fashioned way.)

From this angle, you can see my hanging baskets and more of my landscaping along the front walk.

And here's a shot of my window box on the other end of the house; there are three of them all in a row, but this one is looking the best. Hahaha! I prob need to feed them or fertilize them or something. At least the plants are all still alive. ;) Uh oh, I spy a large weed on the corner of the house that needs to be trimmed. Adding that to my ever-growing to-do list...

How has summer been treating your yard and flowers? Do you have any shade plants that you love? I usually stick with hostas and daylilies and impatiens and liriope, but I'd love any recommendations you'd care to give.

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  1. It has been so hot in Oregon! My plants were doing going ok until we left for vacation and my MIL forgot to water them. Came home to a pretty much dead hanging plant and lots of potted plants that were on life support. I am not sure how she forgot them because she walks right up to them to get into our front door. At least all the pets were still with us though!