Friday, July 25, 2014

Another one bites the dust, hey, hey

That's right - another piece of furniture bit the dust this past weekend. My couch. While it wasn't my favorite, I wasn't ready to replace it. Looks like my granddogs had other ideas.

While they're sleeping, they look perfectly angelic, don't they? Both of them happen to be big cuddle monsters when they're sleeping. Awake is an entirely different story.

My daughter and her bf were in Louisville at Forecastle for the weekend, so I agreed to take care of their dogs, my granddogs. They are adorable, kind of. But they're also obnoxious in their own special way. Ollie is the older, red,  full-bred boxer and Frankie is the black/white, younger, boxer/pit mix. They're huge and clumsy and lovable and apparently destructive.

It appears, then, that I'm on the lookout for a replacement couch. I'm thinking a sectional might be a good choice. I want something comfortable and squishy; while I liked the look of these couches, they weren't especially comfy since they were so overstuffed. Since I have little dogs, I prob need to stick with leather, unless you know of a fabric that can hold up to pups. I'm ready for some guidance before I begin shopping for a couch. Unplanned purchases like this that are big commitments make me pretty nervous.

Would y'all share any ideas with me that you have? Color, style, and brand are all negotiable, but I don't want to spend a small fortune. Help a girl out with ideas?

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