Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guest designer at Jenni Bowlin Studio - Mini-album continued

As promised, here's the conclusion of my mini-album. Check yesterday's post if you want to start from the beginning.  You can't see my friend, Lori, on the left hand page, but she was certainly an important part of my year in 2013. New friendships are so much fun!

Sometimes the title went right on the actual page and/or photo, other times, I put the title on an adjoining page like in this example. This page is about me and my girl; it's journal heavy because I have a lot to say about my relationship with her.

You know there had to be a few dog pics in here, right? Here are my grand-dog Ollie and my two pups.

It might seem weird to put in a page about my work, but I love my job. I need to do a better job of remembering that and of celebrating it in my scrapbooks. That's why I included it here.

Simple things like pictures of the windowboxes of flowers at my house made it into this album. Something doesn't have to be majorly important or grand to make you happy.

Of course, my daughter and my daughter and her boyfriend made it into the album because they're such important parts of my life.

My best guy friend, Sergeant, had to be included too.  He and I had many a deep conversation about the woes of dating life last year.  (The page behind it is of me tubing, but the pic wasn't that flattering. Y'all don't get to see me sporting a swimsuit yet, sorry. We'll have to save that for later in our relationship. Lol!)

And finally, a pic of me at the beach with my good friend Vonda rounds out the album.

There you have it - four layouts and one mini-album completed using Jenni Bowlin's May 2014 kits. Be sure to visit her at JBS Mercantile to order the supplies you see here or to check out inspiration from her design team. While I used all of the paper in my projects, I have plenty of embellishments left over. I'm sure you'll be seeing them on lots of my layouts to come! 


  1. That swimsuit comment made me giggle. This is one of the best things you have ever done! For reals!

    1. Yeah, I'm not brave enough to flash old girl in a swimsuit into cyberland. Shudders at the thought! Thanks girl!