Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Date night

Last Sunday was date night with the fella. 

First, we bowled and he beat me soundly. (I plead old lady syndrome since I was struck by a hot flash during the second game and needed to be wrung out every time I stood up to bowl.) Check out his fancy bowling form...

Look how much taller he is than me? He even scrunched down for the pic. Okay, I'm way too short and he's way too tall for me to be taking selfies of us. Next time around, he's going to have to hold the phone. Haha!

Then we had a casual dinner at Moe's. I'm not a fan of their burritos, but I do recommend their quesadillas since they were quite good. I went with the chicken bacon club quesadilla; next time I won't get the ranch on it, but I loved the chipotle sauce.

After that, we hung out at the fella's house and visited with his pup who was recovering from surgery and watched House of Cards. It's my new addiction. If you like Kevin Spacey and/or politics, I think you'll find it interesting too.

All in all, it was a lovely evening. What's the last thing you did for date night?

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