Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wino Wednesday

How's that for a blog title? Wino Wednesday. I think it might catch on. Lol!

I've been trying to develop my wine palate, especially given the time I spend in Europe traveling and my love of good food, but I'm still very much an unsophisticated imbiber. I want wine to taste good. I like it sweet and fruity. I'm not a fan of anything dry.Sangria is my favorite, followed by sweet table wine. Pinot noir is amazing with a meal, but it's sometimes too heavy to drink for enjoyment. I've tried other wines but found them to be too sour, too harsh, too bitter on the tongue for me to enjoy.

In general, I have a tendency to stick to red wines because I'd never found any white wine that I just loved. Until now. When the fella and I went to a sip 'n painting class a couple of weeks ago, we started the evening with a wine tasting at Pour Vous in Hendersonville. I reluctantly sampled the offerings, three reds and two whites. I just knew that I wouldn't like any of them, but I couldn't figure out how to avoid some of the samples without seeming rude. I sucked it up and went through the entire tasting. Imagine my surprise when my favorite was a white wine! The owner told me this wine was a favorite among her staff and that they had trouble keeping it in stock. I believe it; this stuff is great!

If you haven't tried this wine, I highly recommend it. The Terregaei Moscato is an Italian blend that I found delicious. It's perfect for spring and summer. It's just a bit tart, very crisp, and delightfully fruity. It's definitely sweet though, so don't pick it up if you like your wine dry. Since it's white, it's best to serve it chilled. Pour Vous had it for $13.99 a bottle, so it's also priced well. (I don't buy expensive wine...) I'll be checking my local liquor stores for it; I see several bottles of this lovely wine in my future.

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