Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scraplift Challenge 3 of 4 - lifting Kelly Noel

I'd already made two layouts, but I was still feeling creative. Since I'd just made a layout about Kelsey and Jake's trip to Oregon and California this summer, I realized I really needed another layout to back it with in my album. Since I do monthly PL, any additional layout becomes an insert. The layout I lifted from Lisa Dickinson and posted yesterday needed a companion layout. I had several more 3 X 4 photos from that trip, so I had that in mind as I began looking for something to lift.

I think Kelly Noel is a great designer, so I wasn't surprised that her layout grabbed me as I scrolled through Pinterest. Here's the original layout she created:

I really liked her bright colors and mix of patterns as well as her title placement. I wasn't sure what I'd do in the journalling area since I rarely type and create strips of text, but I knew I'd figure it out eventually.

This time around, I created a pretty literal version of the original. Here's my lift of that layout:

Again, notice that I changed some elements. Instead of 8 square pics (prob 2 x 2 in size), I used 4 pics I'd already had printed at 3 x 4. I wanted to use what I already had on hand. I also didn't use as many patterns as she did, just because I was more comfortable limiting my total number of patterns. I also repeated my patterns a little bit. To help be sure my patterns flowed, I mainly used one line of product.

That shaped piece of paper is ancient, but I liked how it went with the other papers I'd chosen. Plus, using a precut piece like that meant that I didn't have to work so hard. :) I used a cardstock background on this layout and haven't done that in a while, but I felt like I needed something to ground everything else that was going on in this spread.

I used some old, old stickers for my title - American Crafts, I think. They aren't perfect in either placement or color, but they work. For me, that was enough. I liked the homespun, kind of rough feel of them, so I decided to keep them. For journaling, I hand wrote just a couple of items on some Jillibean Soup label stickers and adhered them under the title. Notice that the flair on this layout echoes the same sentiment from the layout I shared yesterday. I thought that was a nice unifying element from one layout to the next since they'll be back to back in my 2013 album.

Here's the original and my lift one more time:

Stay tuned tomorrow for my last scraplift of this series. Hope to see you here! :)


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  1. This one is my favourite of your scrap lifts. Love the clean lines and graphic look!!