Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Scraplift Challenge 1 of 4 - lifting Kaitlin Scheafer

After recording the scrap lifting stigma podcast with Tracie this weekend, I was inspired to do several scrap lifted layouts myself. In this case, I started with the picture. I had this great 80s pic of myself from my freshman year. That became my inspiration piece. Scrolling through my Pinterest boards, I found this great single photo layout by Kaitlin Schaefer. I loved the very graphic look of the layout, its linear nature, its clean lines. You can visit her blog here:  http://www.kaitlinsheaffer.com/blog/kaitlin-sheaffer/page/2/. Here's the original:

I loved the title treatment and the placement of the journaling. In my layout, those are very similar to the original. Again, though, my work ended up being an inspired version rather than an exact imitation of the original. For one thing, I created a 12 x 12 layout while the original is 8.5 x 11. Here's my version:

I used some older papers for this layout. They were mainly from Basic Grey, I think. I didn't love the grunginess of the paper, but the colors matched my pic the best. On a side note, what was I thinking wearing teal with pink and royal? Aacck! 

So that I didn't feel my layout was dated, I incorporated very current embellishments like this wooden phrase - Studio Calico, I think. My hair, the colors, and the older paper could've made this feel very old. I tried to avoid that with my journal info, my title, and my embellishment choices.

I also used some iconic embellishments to keep it timeless. You can't go wrong with stars and tickets, right? I think the mix of patterns and textures help keep it feeling fresh. The lighting isn't great in this pic, but it shows my title well. I rarely do phrase titles, so this was a lil outside my comfort zone. 

Oh, and I always used the @ symbol to represent 'about' when I'd take notes in school, so this title is a play on that choice too. I know it's more commonly used to represent 'at,' but I've always used it differently...long before the days of Twitter. Haha! 

Sorry that this pic is a tad blurry! I must've moved a bit when standing on my tiptoes to get a shot from above. Oops!

The title was really the most important feature on the layout, in my opinion. While mine doesn't incorporate a picture like the original does, I think the feel of the title is pretty similar. You'll also notice that my journaling is handwritten where the original is printed. I thought about running my paper through the printer but decided the more casual version suited me better. I'm just trying to stay true to who I am, even when I scraplift.

Here's the original and my lift side by side one more time:


I had such a great time scraplifting the other day. I was relaxed and focused and completed 4 layouts in one afternoon! That's a great speed rate for me. I'll be sharing more layouts through the week. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. I absolutely love it!!!!!! You rocked this!

  2. What a great layout! I can see how you incorporated the inspiration layout, but you made it yours!
    I am really enjoying the podcast. I work 12 hour days- Sat, Sun and Mon. I leave for work at around 5 am. The first thing I have been doing on Sun or Mon is check to see if I have any new downloads for my Podcasts, I am so excited when I see there is a new one available. I have one friend who still scraps, but we don't see each other often and she isn't nearly as into it as I am. The podcast feels like I am chatting with friends about my favorite thing, even though you can't hear me! Thanks so much for doing this. I will post this on Tracie's blog as well. You Gals are doing a great job. Thanks so much. Katie

    1. Hi Katie! I'm so glad you're enjoying the podcast. That makes me feel great! We want to just entertain and inspire people by talking about stuff we love, so I'm glad you like it.

    2. Thanks for complimenting my layout, Katie. It came together well and was just fun to do. I think scraplifting rocks!