Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Addictions - large and small

There are a few things in my life that qualify as addictions. Will you be surprised by any of them?

1. Coke. No, not the illegal kind you snort. The liquid kind, caramel colored gold. The stuff that gets me through the day, all day, every day. Forget coffee: bring me an ice cold Coke any day. Love the burn in the back of my throat. Prefer the fountain sort. Love it over crushed ice or the tiny pellets a la Sonic. No, Pepsi most certainly will not do, nor will RC or generics. Here in the South, all soft drinks are Coke. When I say it, though, I mean Coke: The Real Thing.

2. Internet. All of it. The work kind, the social kind, the learning kind, the silly kind, all of it. Give me social media. Give me shopping. Give me research. Give me news. Give me instant information at my fingertips. It means I can watch tv on my own time, listen to music I don't feel like buying, and keep in touch with people thousands of miles away. It means new friendships can be formed across time/space. It means I can be in more than one place at a time. It means the possibilities are endless.

3. Sunshine. Preferably the kind at the beach with the wind blowing through my hair. But I'll take the kind on my deck in the springtime or poolside in the summer or at a football game in the fall. Sunshine does more than kiss my skin with a healthy glow, it warms my bones from the inside out. I used to go to the tanning bed, but I've stopped that since it's so unhealthy for me. That means that this was indeed a long, hard winter of dreary cold days and little sunshine. I'm so glad it's spring. The sunshine makes me happy.

4.  Books. Digital books. Printed books. Old books. New books. Short books. Long books. Classical literature. Trashy romance novels. Library books and brand new books. I love them all and am shamelessly addicted to them. I love nothing more than being sucked into a story that isn't mine, a story that surprises me and moves me, a story that shapes my thinking and my dreams. I hate to imagine a world without books.

5.  Naps. I love them. I refuse to be ashamed. A stolen 20 minutes, a stolen hour. Naps are rest that my body and my mind need. Curled up on the couch with Lowder dog, a nap seems to restore my sense of balance. Naps give this night owl a second wind. Naps allow the worry cycle I sometimes encounter to rest. Naps are a short commitment to recharge and relax. I used to feel guilty that I love naps. I've even had friends who were critical of my desire to nap. You know what? I don't need that kind of negativity. Naps make me happy, so naps are here to stay.

What are your addictions, large and small?


  1. I am just going to say ditto to all of yours except naps!! My last one can be "staying up late." The quiet time alone is addictive!

    1. Yeah, you're not a napper like me. That's okay; I forgive you. Lol! (You know I like to stay up late too, but I was just trying to keep my list to 5.)

  2. Rubber stamps - even if I have no immediate plans for to use and Pinterest !
    I love your podcast! Makes me laugh and think about my memory keeping.

    1. Yay!! I love to hear that. :) Think, laugh, and scrap - those are our goals for our listeners to our podcasts. Sounds like we might be on the right track! I collect lots of stamps too - mainly acrylic - even though I rarely use them. Must work on that....