Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Out of the mouths of babes

Just when I think I've heard it all from the teenagers with whom I spend my days, I discover a few unexpected 'gems.' Here are just a few things I was told today:

"You're like in your fifties, right?" (FYI, she gets an F. I'm 42, but this week I feel 82.)

"I have Spanish 2 with a bunch of your sophomores. They don't like you much this year, and I just don't know why." (Um, okay, how do I respond to this? Who doesn't like me? Give me the names. I'm failing everyone! Kidding...kind of.... Who wouldn't love you, Jerry? - random Seinfeld reference there.)

"Hey, bruh, you're making us work today? Come on, Lowder." (We work every day. Every. Single. Day. Why do you ask me this repeatedly? Is it short term memory loss? Drugs? Lack of sleep? Hope? The answer to the work question is always yes. Oh, and I'm not your 'bruh.')

"I wasn't here yesterday. I won't be here tomorrow or Friday. I'm not sure about Monday. Am I gonna miss anything?" (No, of course not, we're going to sit around and wait anxiously for you to return, so we can all learn on your schedule. Grr!)

"Lowder, I need you to get me out of _______class. You need some help, right? Let me come hang out with you please." (What?! No, darlin', your teacher really needs you to be there. Somehow, I'll find a way to survive without your company.)

"Dang, when are you going to Sam's? You've been out of candy forever." (Yes, you really need more candy to fuel the whining.)

"Hey, Lowder, I need a snack. Wait, you're out of stuff? <while rifling through the snack drawer>  Can I have your strawberries then? No? Dang, Lowder, you need to share." (I kid you not; there are kids I feed every single day. Mostly boys. They seem to always be hungry.)

"Are you teaching college-prep next year? I really want you as my teacher again. We had so much fun last year. Do you think I can do it? Really, do you?" (Yes, sweetie, you should take college prep, and I can't wait to have you back in my class too.)

"I missed you so much while I was gone, Ms. Lowder. Did you miss me too?" (Beyond sweet...but I didn't miss your complaints. Lol.)

It's an interesting mix, isn't it? Thought you guys might like a li'l real-life insight into my day as a high school teacher. Sometimes it's a zoo, but I kinda like the animals there....even the ones who growl. :)


  1. Oh my gosh - I loved this post! It made me LOL!!!!!! You're such an awesome human being.

  2. I totally get it.....I work at an elementary school during the day and after school at a middle school program. I love sharing with my family at dinner, the gems that I heard that day.....I love it too, but some days.......