Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I spent my weekend puttering around the house and hanging out with my main man, Lowder-dog. Check him out enjoying the 65 degree temps and sunshine from his fave spot - my lap.
There were a lot of things I didn't get done. My laundry is still out of control; I didn't finish any layouts though I did work on some; that pile of limbs hasn't been taken to the curb; my mantel is still wintry instead of springlike. The list goes on and on... You know what? That's ok. 

I did get some things accomplished. I did put fresh bedding on my bed; I watched an entire season of The Walking Dead; I read; I stitched; I surfed (the net); I took naps. I held Lowder-dog and enjoyed the sunshine as a welcome break from a long winter. I made dinner for another pretty great fella of the human variety. I joined with casual work friends for a 'therapy' session Friday night that I hope is a regular occurrence. I relaxed. I connected. I recharged. Who cares if I didn't accomplish everything on my list?  I had a great weekend - how about you?

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