Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sightseeing in Nashville

Last weekend, the ScrapGals hosted our second retreat for this year; this time, we gathered in Nashville, Tennessee. Before the retreat officially started on Friday afternoon, around 40 of us met up downtown for a brief walking tour of the area. We spent about two hours strolling around two miles (in 90 degree heat in October!) and saw at least a few things together. I'm no expert tour guide or anything, but I did have a few tidbits and factoids to share with my group. Hopefully, they felt like this was a little something extra that was a good use of their time.  After our walking tour, we had lunch together at Puckett's on 5th and Church before heading back to the retreat venue to start our crafty weekend. Check out some of our fun sightseeing pics if that's your kind of thing:

We were quite the gaggle of tourists traipsing around downtown; I really needed a microphone or a megaphone because I had to basically scream all of the information out to our group at each stop. Oops - that's something I'll be better prepared for the next time. I'm new to this tour guide gig.

I was off my selfie game that day and couldn't get a decent one in front of one of my favorite spots downtown - the Wall of Cash. :(

We did some damage at the Goo Goo Store. I didn't buy any sweets, but I did snag some super cool postcards. I thought about buying some of these ornaments too, but I just couldn't justify the price - even with our group discount.

Places also visited but not pictured here: the Country Music Hall of Fame, Bridgestone Arena, Schermerhorn Symphony, and even more of Broadway and 4th street.

And, by the way, Google maps said this was a mostly flat walk; they lied to all of us. :0

A grand time was had by all, even if my back and my legs were pretty sore the rest of the evening. I just kept telling myself the exercise was good for me. I hope all the ladies who accompanied me on this sightseeing journey have forgiven me for running their little legs off before the retreat started.


  1. I think I would love to be on your tour even though I'm in Nashville all the time. Nashville always surprises me with it's steep hills, especially that one leading up to Puckett's Grocery.

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