Thursday, May 11, 2017

Utah Retreat in Photos

By the numbers:

Four flights alone - have I mentioned I love flying alone?
Two significant episodes of turbulence - I don't love that part so much
Six days away from home
Two cities I'd never visited before - Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah
First ever ScrapGals Retreat
One super-sweet new Utah friend - J.E., it's you!
Four nights of little sleep because of the excitement
Three days of scrappy fun
Two fabulous scrapbook stores
A weekend full of yummy food and snacks - too many Cokes to mention! 
One silk kimono for the pajama crop
Too many personal dollars spent on scrappy goodness :0
Ten giveaways during the retreat
Three fun classes - one that I taught!
Zero actual scrapbooking completed
One watercolor straw technique attempted
Seven sketches drawn for my 100 days project
One autograph book finished
Hundreds of selfies taken
Dozens of new friends
Countless laughter

By the photos:         
(Totally honest admission - not all of these photos are mine; many of them were taken by women at the retreat. I just thought it'd be fun to post a bunch of them so y'all could see.) 

Our retreat in Nashville this October is already sold out, but we're considering three retreats next year. Tentatively, we're thinking late April, late July, and early October. Stay tuned for information about the locations and exact dates for ScrapGals retreats in 2018!


  1. o.m.goodness!!!!!!!! I so wanna go!!!

  2. Looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait until October! :)

  3. Looks AMAZING! Can't wait for Nashville

  4. This was such a wonderful retreat!!! I want to go again next year!! I loved you and Tracie, and all the other Scrap Gals!! :)

  5. Great photos of a gaggle of happy scrappers. Im smiling still from looking at all the smiling attendees! Simona M