Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Planning the week ahead

So, yeah, it's Tuesday, and I'm just now getting around to scheduling out/planning my upcoming week. That's okay, though, right? I mean, the week has only just started.   Haha, at least that's what I keep telling myself.  Maybe running this far behind is actually a metaphor for my life right now... Here's a look at what my week looks like thus far, and here's a look at some blooms in my yard too.
It looks like spring may have already arrived in Kentucky, but I have to draw the line at doing yard work this early. I'm waiting until at least St. Patrick's Day before I tackle anything in my yard!

To Go/Call
1. Overhead Door to continue researching problem with my garage door opener remote
2. ESS and 2nd Opp night class
3. Eye doctor appointment
4. Drop-off donation bags
5. Gym X 3 (5 days per week just isn't sustainable while I'm working, so I've compromised with longer sessions but fewer times per week)
6. Grocery (I've put it off as long as possible)

To Do
1. Finish grading rhetorical analysis essays (still working on them...)
2. Put away clean laundry (still the bane of my existence...)
3. Gather bags for donation as part of my Lenten promise (I'm already 7 bags behind - oh no!)
4. Clean out my refrigerator; there are things in there that could kill you
5. Enjoy a 'couple' weekend with the fella
6. Finish one of the books I've started reading
7. Determine hotel/apartment for Bruges and Brussels and make reservation
8. Message friends living abroad about recommendations for their cities

To Make
1. Record Pontiffications #3 and upload over the weekend
2. Continue prep work for retreat class
3. Begin prep for TN class
4. Try PL style layout using app on my phone; order page print(s)
5. Make 1 traditional layout
6. Continue working on stitching projects
7. Make some spring necklaces
8. Make 1 pocket page layout for my Paris album

To Eat
   Breakfasts:  yogurt, fruit, breakfast bar/granola bar, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls (this weekend)
   Lunches:     frozen veggies, mac & cheese, leftovers, salad, frozen lunches
   Dinners:      out with the fella X 2, low carb egg roll skillet, sheet pan shrimp fajitas, chicken
                       quesadillas, takeout, leftovers
   Snacks:       skinny girl popcorn, fiber one bars, fruit, cereal

I'm off work on Thursday and Friday for a mini-break, so my week is actually a little more relaxed than usual. I'm perfectly fine with a slower-paced week, especially since I don't think I'm getting quite enough rest.

How is your week going so far? Is it an easy or difficult one for you? What are you most looking forward to about your week?


  1. I didn't think this would be a busy week, but it feels busier than I expected, I think partially because I haven't had much crafty time. My daughter has needed assistance with homework each evening so far and she's got a concert at school tonight. I'm trying to back things up off my laptop because it's running slow and I'm paranoid the hard drive is not long for this world. Tomorrow evening is our usual church choir rehearsal. Saturday I'm having lunch with a friend and date night with my husband -- both of which I'm really looking forward to, but in a way, wish were not both on the same day. #introvert

  2. love your lists Tiffany

    I need to get a few items down on paper myself. Keeping them in my head doesn't seem to be getting it done. I'm already thinking Spring clean up but it's still too early here in Michigan.

  3. I'm impressed that high school students are doing rhetorical analysis. I didn't learn about that process until I was in grad school. I loved my Rhetoric course.

    I took Wednesday (yesterday) off for International Women's Day. I spent it with my friend, who lost her husband last week. Lots of talking, coffee, and errands. The rest of my week is busy with deadlines at work, and trying to be creative (and clean the house) when I am home.

    Enjoy your time off this week!