Monday, January 16, 2017

The week ahead

To Do
1. Prep sub plans for training day
2. Locate historical inaugural speeches for class activity
3. Catch up on grading in IC
4. Clean out closet for blouses -  organize, give away, repair, etc.
5. Clean large guest room
6. Replace lightbulbs throughout house as needed
7. Continue reading Before Versailles 
8. Update and schedule blog posts

To Go/Call
1. Overhead Door for more garage opener guidance/instructions
2. ESS on Tuesday and Thursday
3. Google Certification Training on Wednesday
4. Podcast in Nashville on Friday 
5. Gym. Every. Single. Day. 
6. Plans with the fella
7. Grocery

To Make
1. Print calendar for Jane Davenport TN and begin using
2. Continue work on DD 2016 - goal is to finish by 1/31
3. Continue work on Italy stitching project
4. Buy January stitching project from sarahkbenning on Etsy
5. Frame cactus hoop and display
6. Frame vintage travel postcards and display
7. Organize jewelry supplies into new carrier
8. Start new TN for January 2017 - goal is more art journal style 
9. Shoot video shares for October, November, and December TN, then share to YouTube  
10. Shoot q & a video and share to YouTube 
11. Make 2 layouts
12. Put floss/thread in proper drawers instead of on a random shelf 


Breakfasts: fruit, peanut butter toast, granola bar, cottage cheese

Lunches: frozen dinner, leftovers, salad, tuna bagels

Dinners: cop au vin, avocado toast, out with the fella, out with Tracie, frozen pizza, salmon + veggies


I sure would like to learn how to make this mushroom and gruyere tart that I enjoyed at Marche last month. Anybody have a great, easy recipe? 

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  1. There is a wild mushroom tart recipe in the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (Deb Perelman, who blogs at Disclaimers: it does not have gruyere listed as an ingredient, and I haven't made it myself...... but I have enjoyed a number of other recipes from the cookbook!
    Not much of an actual help, I suppose, but maybe it could be a starting point if you don't get any other leads!
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)