Monday, January 2, 2017

Planning the coming week

To do
1. Finish setting up/decorating new arrangement in living room
2. Deep clean hall bathroom
3. Have Christmas with K & J when they return from Oregon
4. Take down rest of Christmas decor and store in bonus room
5. Finalize and submit quarterly grades
6. Complete and submit semester PGES paperwork to admin
7. Lay out lesson plan sequence for third quarter
8. Make appointment for minor plumbing repairs
9. Wrap gifts for K/J before our holiday gathering
10. Install new router
11. Put away clean laundry mountain
12. Plan budget for the new year - and stick to it!

To go
1. Back to school Tuesday - Friday
2. Faculty meeting
3. Overhead Door for a battery or new remote control
4. Gym make it a habit
5. Take K/J out to dinner

To make
**refer to last week's list because I basically accomplished NOTHING
1. Set up 2017 planner and begin working in it
2. Continue working on DD 2016
3. Continue stitching project
4. Make banner for living room
5. Start new TN project for 2017

Cottage cheese & fruit, eggs & toast, nuts, Brie + olives

Leftovers, salmon and brown rice bowl, salad with tuna, Mac & cheese

Hoppin' John leftovers, pizza, baked chicken & veggies, out with the fella x 2, out with K/J

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