Sunday, November 6, 2016

Planning the coming week

To do - Laundry catch-up, change bedding, clean kitchen, grocery trip, clean out fridge, order December Daily supplies, update blog, start a new book, plans with the fella
Dinner - drunken Italian noodles + salad + French bread

To do - School, pre-observation meeting during planning, update IC, parent conference after school, podcast via skype, order photos, update blog, pay bills, crafty projects
Dinner - baked salmon + baked potato

To do - No school, Election Day - already voted!, crafty project day, color my hair, take out trash/recycling, call Tonia, watch election results
Dinner - chicken and wild rice soup + biscuits

To do - School, observation 5th period by principal, post midterm grades, hire out and plan yard work, plans with the fella
Dinner - fella cooks or takes us out

To do - School, CEPT student teaches, WIN period,  ESS, 2nd Opportunity class
Dinner - crockpot chicken and mushrooms

To do - School, football playoffs round 2
Dinner - out with the fella

To do - Nashville train trip & winery with the fella
Dinner - out with the fella

Breakfasts - pastries, oatmeal, cereal
Lunches - leftovers, mac & cheese

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