Sunday, October 16, 2016

Planning the week ahead

To-do -> Catch up on laundry; clean house; go to grocery; place Etsy order; place photo order; clean porch + patio (didn't get to this last week); get haircut; pay bills; start reading new book; make a decision about NaNoWriMo 2016
Dinner -> avocado & Brie toasts

To-do-> Go to school; Skype podcast with Tracie; work on the yard; spend time crafting
Dinner -> spaghetti + garlic bread

To-do-> Go to school; observe CEPT student lessons; manage ESS; facilitate 2nd Opportunity class; take out trash/recycling; update blog
Dinner-> frozen pizza

To-do-> Go to school; straighten living areas; finish September TN & make video ( didn't get to this last week either); spend evening with the fella
Dinner-> eat with the fella

To-do-> Go to school; attend data disaggregation meeting part 2 during planning; work with CEPT student; manage ESS; facilitate 2nd Opportunity class; check on V post-surgery
Dinner-> crockpot vegetable soup + grilled pimiento cheese (didn't make it last week as planned)

To-do-> Go to school; get massage 4:15; attend football game; spend evening with the fella
Dinner->  out with the fella

To-do-> Proctor ACT; visit pumpkin patch; record podcasts in Nashville
Dinner-> out with Tracie

Breakfasts -> cereal, pastries, nuts, yogurt

Lunches -> leftovers, frozen dinner, mac & cheese, salad


It looks like this will be a busy week, but I think it's manageable at least. How does your week look?

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