Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Break - the week ahead

After a weekend full day of wedding festivities, I'm running a bit behind on my blog updates. Sorry about that! But think, you'll get to see lots of wedding pics in upcoming posts. Today is all about planning out the week ahead though. Take a look at my pretty relaxing fall break week ahead...

To-do -> clean out car post wedding; return/unload/put away chairs/tables from wedding; wash platters/servingware from wedding; work on laundry; rearrange living room; put out fall decor; spend evening with the fella
Dinner -> out for a bite or takeout

To-do-> upload podcast; lunch with Vonda; remake fall wreath for front door; update blog; pay bills; clean my office; do grocery shopping; evening plans with Lorie (?)
Dinner -> out with Lorie

Wednesday (Happy birthday to me!)
To-do-> enjoy a crafty day; dinner out with the fella & kiddo; spend evening with the fella
Dinner -> out with the fella

To-do-> finish laundry; mow/trim the yard; clean/organize small guest room
Dinner -> grilled chicken + veggie kabobs

To-do-> upload podcast; finish grading for 1st quarter; get a flu shot; enjoy massage appointment; treat myself to a bit of birthday shopping
Dinner -> shrimp & corn chowder + cheddar biscuits

To-do-> box up donation items from garage and drop off; spend evening with the fella;
Dinner -> fella is in charge of dinner

To-do-> finish September midori; film and upload video for YouTube;
Dinner-> shepherd's pie

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  1. Hope your crafty day is going well! I am now wishing for shrimp and corn chowder and cheddar biscuits -- yum! :-)