Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly meal planning

So I apparently ate lots of leftovers last week because I didn't eat much from my weekly meal planning list last week and didn't even make it to the grocery all week - shocking! As such, this week will feel much like a repeat for those of y'all who read last week's plan. My apologies!

1. Bagel with cream cheese
2. Boiled eggs
3. Cereal/granola bar

1. Frozen meal
2. Leftovers 
3. Salad with grilled chicken or salmon
4. Tuna salad with crackers

1. Quick coq au vin (use rotisserie chicken)
2. Out with the fella (Saturday)
3. Out with girlfriends (Wednesday)
4. Brats + potato salad + beans
5. Roast and veggies
6. Veggie soup + grilled pimiento cheese (use roast leftovers for soup)
7. Leftovers

I'm heading to the grocery today, so I'll hopefully stick closely to this plan this week. ;)

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