Thursday, August 11, 2016

Segovia, Spain

Want to check out a nearby town with me? In this blog post, we will stroll through the streets of Segovia, Spain and see many of the major sites. I hope you enjoy seeing the town that features a 1000 year old Alcazar (or castle) and a 2000 year old roman aqueduct. It's worth the trip for those two sites alone!

Scenes from the Alcazar - currently undergoing some exterior renovation

Scenes from my walk down the hill of the old village 

A few images of the Plaza Mayor

The cathedral of Segovia in pictures

Images of the Plaza Mayor

And a bit more of the town 

How amazing is this ancient roman aqueduct that's 2000 years old?!

Back at the train station and getting ready to head back to Madrid 

Thanks for taking a walk through Segovia with me; it's a day trip I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Spain!


  1. Loved seeing these pictures! They are all amazing but the cathedral is incredible!

  2. When we were planning our trip I remember thinking, I didn't want to spend a day with an aqueduct. I'm sorry we only spent 1/2 day there. The church was amazing with all the alters the rich families paid for. we could just imagine looking out the windows of the castle and seeing an army coming toward us. it was amazing. So so OLD!