Sunday, July 24, 2016

Crafty shopping at El Cortes Ingles

El Corte Ingles is a combination department store like Macy's,  grocery store like Kroger, and discount store like Target all rolled into one. This particular one is 12 floors of selling with its own exit off the metro in Sol! That's pretty crazy, right? Well, here, I thought I'd share with you just the crafty section on one floor of this megastore. 

They have poster board and construction paper, of course.

And lots of school supply type things like lunch boxes and backpacks and journals. 

Plus a huge Moleskine department...

And more journals and folders and notebooks and organizational products.

There was an entire rack of artist/drawing technique books.

I liked this journal a lot!

A few little stickers could be found here and there.

And pens? Man, they had tons of pens and markers in almost every style imaginable.

They also had all types of paints and brushes and easels and canvases as well as a variety of sketch pads. 

I loved how some sections were arranged by color. It really made a big impact on the sales display.

And they had a large section for expensive fountain pens.

While arts/crafts certainly aren't the focus of this store, that department def isn't shabby. I think it's more geared to arts rather than crafty endeavors in general. Bottom line? You need to see this whole store including the arts section, so leave a couple of hours free for it the next time you're in Madrid. 😊

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