Friday, July 22, 2016

Crafty (and other) shopping at Tiger

There's a Tiger store right around the corner from my metro stop in Madrid, so you know I had to pop in and see what they had.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly large crafty section, even if it was partly designed for gift-giving and partly geared towards kids.

I snagged a small stapler and done staples for my TN I'm working on while I'm here - 5 euros total for both. 

There were paints and stamps and pencil and canvases, oh my.

This store also had some cute housewares - kind of like Target's cheapo section at the front of the store. Of course, most of this wasn't 1 euro, but it was reasonable overall.

Isn't that a pretty wall of candles?

And I love little bits of glassware. 

It's no Pier 1 or anything, but this is a great store for inexpensive little housewarming or children's party gifts, plus it has a few basic art supplies too. Bottom line? It's worth a quick trip. 

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