Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chopo - a Madrid craft store review

Y'all know how much I love visiting craft stores wherever I travel. After spending hours at the Prado Museum yesterday, I spent today wandering in shops. I specifically wanted to share Chopo with you. While it isn't a scrapbooking store (bummer, right?), it has a little bit of many crafts and a lot of some.  It's a tiny store in Madrid's Cortes neighborhood, jus a quick walk (uphill) from Puerta del Sol. I used my mas app and walked right to it without problem.

While the store doesn't have a design aesthetic going for it, I had to respect the sheer amount of stuff crammed into it. Basically, only one of each item is available on the show floor for you to see. If you decide you want an item, the clerk retrieves it for you from the back or the racks or the attic or idk where they have this stuff squirreled away.

There was a tiny Scrapbooking section of ribbon and acrylic blocks and stamp pads.

There were rows after rows of paint and pens and markers, oh my!

There were easels and canvases and acrylics and oils and watercolors and pastels. Singles, groupings, kits,  you name it.

I've never seen the collection of ceramic items they had for sale before - apparently to paint and use as home decor items like lamps, night lights, etc. 

There were stencils and transfers and clay, light boxes, wood burners, and every adhesive known to the planet.

There were racks upon racks of brushes and crafting gegogs.

More ceramic items were available in another part of the store. I was tempted to get a Nativity set, but my concern at accidentally  jacking up baby Jesus' face stopped me from doing so. Not even kidding! 

There were acrylic stamps...

And more ceramic plaques this time.

And Woden pieces to paint and use in your home, I  guess.

Talk about a fun store to visit! If you're artsy and love to look at shops, I think this would be a fun addition to your list. It doesn't have brands I recognize from the USA, and nothing appears to be super cutting edge, but I think painters would especially love it here.


  1. Your comment about jacking up Baby Jesus's face cracked me up! Thanks for sharing some pix of this craft store It all looks a bit overwhelming ,but still a fun place to browse.

  2. through your posts & videos of your travels, it opens my eyes to variety, similarities & differences, & i don't have to leave home. i know it takes effort for you to share. i'm grateful tiffany. i like your sense of humor & the way you have with words too.