Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 Shows to Stream ASAP

I've been loving the things I'm watching on television these days, so I thought I'd share with you five shows that I think you might enjoy too. While none of these are particularly family-friendly in scope, I still recommend them to you because they are very well-written and produced. I think most of the acting is quite fine too.

1. 12 Monkeys (season 1 on Hulu, season 2 on SyFy on demand)
Post-apocalyptic, time-travel thriller  

2. The Peaky Blinders (seasons 1-3 on Netflix)
Post WWII English crime thriller along the lines of The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire 
(language, violence, sex, nudity, drug use)

3. Transparent (seasons 1-2 on Amazon)
Modern family in California struggles with relationships as father experiences the journey to a transgendered life
(language, sex, nudity, drug use)

4. The Path (season 1 on Hulu)
Dramatic exploration of the dynamics of a modern-day cult, seems very similar to Scientology
(sexual situations, drug use)

5. Wayward Pines (season 1 on Netflix, season 2 on Fox on demand)
Post-apocalyptic, dystopian thriller
(violence, language)

If you watch any of these, either on your own or because I've recommended them, I'd love to hear what you think. Unsurprisingly, my viewing selection leans toward the dark and dramatic rather than to comedy. What can I say? I'm apparently a brooding, darkly dramatic soul. ;)

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