Sunday, April 10, 2016

Women's Club Art Presentation

A few weeks ago, I did my bestie a favor and spoke to the Smiths Grove Woman's Club; she's the head of the arts committee and needed someone artsy to make a presentation at their March meeting. I reluctantly agreed because, quite frankly, I don't enjoy public speaking. I know that might surprise many of you since I'm a teacher and since I speak on the podcast each week, but facing a group of adults as I speak is very difficult for me. I often get very emotional and have trouble keeping my nerves in check. Since my friend really needed me to help her out with this, and since I want to increase my comfort level in situations like this, I agreed to speak to them.

In preparation, I packed up two full-size scrapbook albums and seven or eight mini-albums, and I created a couple of handouts for the ladies in the group. After an Irish themed dinner at the home of the hostess for this month's meeting, we gathered in her living room for my presentation. There were 12-15 women present, so it wasn't an extremely large group. As I talked about scrapbooking, the ladies there thumbed through my albums and took a look at the handouts I'd made them.  This was not a class in any shape or form; instead, it was an introduction to scrapbooking with some samples to illustrate what you might make if you decided to pursue the hobby. Several women indicated an interest in attending a class if I taught one locally, so that's certainly something I'm willing to consider. They were all quite complimentary and kind, and seemingly interested in my stories and artistic style.

In thanks for my presentation, the club presented me with the gifts that are pictured above. I thought that was incredibly considerate and certainly made me feel as if my contribution had been valued. My bestie told me later on that a few women told her that my presentation had been the best one every brought by the arts committee, so that made me feel really great. Even if it were just kindness on their parts, I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

The Woman's Club of Smiths Grove art presentation was something I'm ultimately glad that I did even though it was a bit out of my comfort zone. Perhaps it will even lead to me teaching some scrapbook classes locally. Who knows?!


  1. Hopefully a few of them will get the scrapbook bug, and it will all be thanks to you!

  2. Bravo!! Way to spread the scrapbooking love!! And overcome your doubts and fears!!!