Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Not-Recommended List

I'm trying to save you some time and some pain here, people. In that spirit, here's my current list of things I wouldn't recommend that you watch or read or listen to or eat. Of course, you're welcome to disagree; these are just the things I didn't like.

Don't Watch
1.  Broad City - to me, the generation gap was just too great to really enjoy this who; my daughter loves it, but I didn't really get the jokes or the approach to humor
2. Angie Tribecca - slapstick comedy a la Police Squad and The Naked Gun - it's definitely not my kind of comedy
3. Love - Netflix original - at first I thought it was pretty cute, but I've since decided that it's just too depressing to watch
4.  Dune - I know, I know, some of you probably think I've committed blasphemy. I just didn't like it...I only saw the first couple of hours of it, but I think I can live the rest of my life without watching the rest.
5. The Real O'Neils - I gave it a shot since it's about a Catholic family and had been heavily advertised. I gave it two episodes even, but it's just not for me. Too predictable, too obvious, too cliched for my tastes...

Don't Read
6. Pillars of Hercules by Paul Thereoux - I just couldn't get into it because it rambled so...I tried to read it in different jags for 3-4 months and it never really worked out, so I'd recommend passing on this one.
7. Candide by Voltaire - you can get the gist of the story by reading reviews. I wasn't a fan of the stilted style and didn't think I really learned much by reading the full version vs. the summaries I've read over the years.

Don't Listen to
8. Full Circle by Loretta Lynn - while there were a few songs I enjoyed, it really felt like a repeat of many of her other albums I've heard. There's nothing wrong with it, it just didn't seem fresh or new to me.

Don't Eat
9.  Easter bunny donuts, specifically the chick, at Krispy Kreme - I was unimpressed and the food coloring for the glitter sections tasted very chemical to me
10. Pretzel crust pizza at Pizza Hut - I think the pretzel crust was WAY too salty, but people who like really salty food might enjoy it. I just don't think that salt and pizza is a good combo, and I know it's prob not a good dietary choice.

So yeah, don't do these things because you trust my opinion, or, conversely, do all of these things to prove me wrong. It's whatever floats your boat, man...


  1. I love this, Tiffany! One always sees "recommendations", which always seems enable us to "gotta get it" or "gotta do it". I mean...how often do you go to Jennifer McGuire's blog/You Tube channel and not what to buy something or do something? I think it would be great for crafting supplies, too. (Crappy bow makers, paints, tools, pens, pencils, Pinterest fails, etc.)

    1. Posted me as "unknown". Weird. Although, I am probably unknown to you. lol! -Morissa

  2. I think I'll Not do any of these. Love your twist on the recommended lists.

  3. I know you like Sci Fi generally ... and I am a huge Sci Fi geek. DH is a die hard Dune guy. I only really liked the first book (though I read a few)... the Dune miniseries is a decent interpretation of the book and SUCH an improvement over the movie that fans were EXCITED about it. But I don't think it's INDEPENDENTLY great.