Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sharing a recipe - Avocado toast

I've had this simple meal for dinner at least three times this month. It's delish. It's simple. It tastes like spring to me. If you love avocado, I promise you'll love this simple dish. Lucky for me, I usually have these ingredients in my pantry, so whipping it up for a quick meal is no trouble. I also look at this dish as another excuse to make sure I always have plenty of avocado in my shopping basket. :)


Sesame loaf sliced into 1" thick pieces (sourdough, French loaf, and Italian loaf work as well)
2 avocadoes
1 package grape tomatoes sliced into 3-4 pieces each
shredded parmesan
olive oil
minced garlic (1-2 tbsp)
parsley flakes to taste (I use a lot of this)
red pepper flakes to taste (I use a light touch)
basil flakes to taste (I use a bit more of this)
salt/pepper to taste (just a dash of each for me)
balsamic vinegar


Place sliced loaf on baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil
Bake at 350 degrees until fully toasted - about 10-12 minutes
Remove from oven and let cool
While the bread is cooking, assemble the other ingredients
In a separate bowl, place sliced tomatoes, garlic, and other seasonings, stir until well mixed
Drizzle balsamic vinegar on the tomato mixture and let set for 15-20 minutes to allow flavors to meld - I usually fill the bowl with balsamic until I can no longer see the bottom of the bowl and the tomatoes swim in the liquid nicely
Slice and mash avocado in a small bowl - drizzle with lemon juice if desired
Once toasts are cool, spread each piece with avocado, then spoon tomato mixture onto the top, making sure that you drizzle plenty of the liquid onto each piece
Finish each toast with a sprinkling of shredded parmesan

Enjoy every bite!


  1. Looks delicious! I'll definitely be giving it a try soon

  2. Looks yummy. We do it with avocado, garlic, sea salt, red pepper flakes and EVOO for an even simpler version (also dd had been off dairy for the last year and ds doesn't do tomatoes.)

  3. Yum! I'm going to try this...anything with avocado is a win! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just tried this, Tiffany, and it's delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.