Sunday, April 17, 2016

A vote for bloglovin'

A few weeks ago, I joined Bloglovin' and began using it as a way to read/view blogs that I ordinarily wouldn't encounter in my regular life. To put it mildly, I'm lovin' it. I don't really understand all the ins/outs of the site; I'm just using it to filter new blogs/topics my way that I don't already follow on my own. I appreciate the save feature, which allows you to organize blog posts by category for later reference. It's sort of like pinning ideas on pinterest in that way.

I simply signed up and clicked categories that I'm interested in reading. Bloglovin' has done the rest, sending me a series of blogs each day that I might want to read. Sure, there are several that I skim over based on the teaser description in the feed, but I find myself spending 15 minutes or so scrolling to the specific ones that interest me and reading their posts. Occasionally, I even send a specific post to a friend via email, another aspect of the site that is super easy to use.

If you're in the market for more varied blog reading that always lets you know what the freshest, most recent posts are, then I recommend I don't think you'll be disappointed. Besides that, it's a spot where you can link your own blog and potentially reach a greater readership. I've had a few dozen people follow me there who don't follow me on my regular blog site, so I figure that's another plus of joining.

**FYI, bloglovin' doesn't really know I exist and isn't paying me for this review. This is just my personal experience/opinion.


  1. Totally unrelated but since we are both going to Spain this year.....Did you sign up for the GOES Government ONline entry system? Supposedly it helps getting thru customs quicker.

  2. I used to use Google Reader and the day it exited the scene, Feedly did some nice marketing for themselves on Twitter, making it easy to switch all your feeds from G.R. to Feedly, so I did. I've got feeds sorted into categories and enjoy knowing I won't miss posts from favorites. I think feed readers are a great tool. Perhaps blogs woudn't be "dying" if more people knew about them?

  3. I love Bloglovin!! I used to check blogs repeatedly for a new post. Now, I don't have to. They just show up in my feed. I use it on my iPhone, iPad and laptop!!

  4. I was just wondering last week if there was another blog reader. I used to use one that went away. Thanks for posting. I'll be checking it out.