Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Last Wednesday, I took my bestie, Vonda, down to East Nashville to enjoy a fabulous, belated, birthday lunch at Marche. These pics are the evidence of our good time. 😃

 Before heading out of town, she opened her gifts. I think she liked them. 😊

 I took a selfie while I was waiting for her to arrive. Check out Lowder-dog photo bombing in the background.

 Marche was tons of fun and totally delicious. I had the omelette with prosciutto, Gruyere, and mixed greens.

 Vonda had the homemade, gourmet sausage with cabbage, apples, and coarse grain mustard.

 We shared a bottle of crisp, Italian prosecco.

And we shared two desserts - vanilla bean crime brûlée and espresso cheesecake with hazelnut whipped cream. While both were excellent, that was THE best crime brûlée I've ever eaten, including all the various ones I tried in Paris. If you're in the Nashville area, go here and get this dessert.

 We'd planned to go shopping in the new Fatherlands district after we ate, but I got turned around in the dark and we figured shops were beginning to close. Next time, we'll go earlier in the day and go shopping too.

Here's a shot of the inside of Marche.

 We took a dark selfie against a lovely olive green brick wall before we left.

 Goodbye Marche - I'll be 'round again real soon. 😍

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