Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Top 10 Wish List for Fall

Since it was a bit cool here in Kentucky last week, I started thinking about fall. Granted, temps are going to be back in the mid 90s this week, but a girl can dream about the changing seasons. As such, I thought I'd share with you my top 10 wish list for fall. Some items are unashamedly commercial in nature while others are a bit more intangible.

(Here's a photo that I took at Jackson's Orchard in my hometown last October 2014)

To buy:
1. Tall pair of comfortable riding boots in brown/black combo - low heel, stretchy calf, reasonably priced, sleek and comfy. If y'all know where to find them, please let me know.
2. Plaid (maybe flannel?) tunic dress - it looks like an oversized men's shirt with an extra long shirttail. Again, if y'all know where to find a reasonably priced one, please fill me in on the details.

To do:
3.  Visit Jackson's Orchard for pumpkins, apples, and photo ops. Usually, Kel and Jake are good about visiting the orchard with me, especially if I bribe them with apple cider slushes and homemade fried pies.
4.  Attend a nearby festival or craft show while the weather isn't too chilly. Preferably, I'd visit one I haven't been to before now. I like to check out what people are making by hand, and fall seems the perfect time to do that because of the gorgeous weather.
5.  Plant a few mums in my rather sad looking landscape.

To feel:
6.  Get enough rest so that I'm not constantly feeling like I need a nap.

To make:
7.  Finish my Paris planner from this summer.
8.  Make my WITL album.
9.  Successfully complete my 30 Days of Lists challenge class in September.

To remember:
10.  Spend my time and energy on the things that make me happy; life is too short to do otherwise.


  1. Okay so riding boots totally on my list too.... Stylish and affordable.
    The plaid shirt dress? My cheap way is to buy an oversized men's one at Goodwill/thrift shop, belt it and pair with leggings.... Wear something with leggings and bring your belt (or find one there) so that you can try the styles there!!!!

    1. Just sent you a link via email for riding boots!!! Stretchy calf, sleek, and awesome price!!!!!