Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scrapbook projects on the horizon

Already in progress:
1. Paris planner + 4 x 4 mini album
2. Selfie album (an ongoing project)

Planned for October:
3. Week in the Life
4.  Lowder dog mini album

Planned for November:
5. Gratitude journal
6. Recipe memory album project

Planned for December:
7. December Daily  (? Not sure yet)
8. Listers Challenge album

Sometime this Fall
9. Bucket List mini album
10. Traveler's notebooks + Fauxdori style covers

I can't wait to have my scrapbook space put back together, so I can work on my projects. What scrapbook projects do you have planned in the next few months?


  1. Oh let's see....

    Wedding Album for my son and DIL (6x12) - barely started
    Baby Album for my grandson (6x6) - photos printed
    Teen Years album for my daughter (8.5x11) - starting today
    Book Club mini album (4x4) - actually caught up on this one

  2. this week: finish WITL-just have the cover & all the journaling, October, start DD so its ready to go in December, MAYBE do a thankful mini in November, but 2 minis back to back might be too much for me. Want to catch up my 2015 album in between those projects.