Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week in the life - day 2 photography

Here's one I took last night right before going to bed but didn't post on yesterday's blog entry. Oops!

My bed as I got up this morning

Here are a coupl of pics of me putting on my makeup in the chair in th eliving room like I do every morning - the lighting isn't great, but I might still use them

A quick look at my living room as I left for work this morning

Car selfie on the way to work

A couple of variations of full-body selfies that were not horribly unflattering

A shot of me unloading my 'stuff' that I brought  to school - I'm kind of a bag lady 

A look at my updated classroom weekly calendary that I update each Monday 

Empty classroom before the first bell rang 

Trying some different self-timer angles during my planning period - these are the least offensive of the bunch. Whew, it's hard to get the self-timer thing at the right distance and height and angle! 

I'm much better at shooting a traditional selfie.

After school, I stopped by the public library to pick up a few books I had on reserve there. 

Then I headed to my neighborhood Kroger for groceries - love the red BeatleBug that managed to photobomb the shot!

Since I hadn't been to the grocery in a couple of weeks and I'm in the mood to cook this week, I had a very full cart to unload.

One last stop at the pharmacy before I headed home for the evening

A shot of my mail today - 3 bills and some photos 

I made a new recipe tonight - cheesy spinach bread. Here's the raw and then the cooked version - delish.

Lowder-dog and Charlie-dog stretched a bit while I cooked dinner.

Once I settled on the couch to watch Helix and read a bit, they found their spots to nap. These pics are a bit grainy because of low light, but I may use them anyway.

I thought it was funny that I picked up a 10-12 year old photo to use as a bookmark - totally random.

Lowder-dog is ready for bed; Charlie-dog is blurry because he's licking his butt like always. Seriously.

And finally, here are the journaling sheets that I filled out about today's activities. It feels like a very ordinary day to me, but I'm really trying to embrace that as part of the WITL process. 

Did you capture any photos you might have ordinarily missed? How's your start to WITL? What do you plan to do differently tomorrow, if anything? Fill me in please. I want to use my DSLR tomorrow instead of my point and shoot camera because I'm thinking the lighting issues might be less significant with it. We'll see. I also want to photograph more detailed items. So far, I'm liking the project okay but am feeling kind of boring. Peace out! 


  1. I'm feeling good so far and not bored yet. :) I'm trying to go with the flow and have it be fun. Your cheesy spinach bread sounds yummy.

  2. this is great! you rocked the timer photo selection! I haven't even gone there yet.

  3. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali's blog post today really inspired me. Gonna try some of her shots.

  4. totally cute dress, totally cute dog, & totally want to eat that spinach bread right now.