Monday, June 8, 2015

Musee Rodin - an overview

On Friday, the forecast of 93 degree weather here in Paris had me quite concerned. Air conditioning is rare in the city. Neither my apartment nor the metro nor most public buildings have a/c. Those that do seem to just barely turn it on; there is no blast of freezing air as you enter any building, at least in my experience. The experts on TripAdvisor suggested I look for some gardens to enjoy and stay out of the sun in the heat of the day.

I'd always wanted to visit the Rodin Museum, so I headed there and arrived a bit before midday. The building that houses the museum itself, Hotel Biron, is undergoing extensive renovations and won't be open until September if this year. (Btw, hotel doesn't mean the same thing in French as in English in case you're confused. It's like a fancy residence, often associated with the aristocracy.) My ticket was just 7,50 euros, and I made good use of it by walking leisurely through the sculpture gardens and the small exposition space still open in the welcome area of the Hotel. I stopped for frequent bench breaks and pondered the beauty of the place, the parade of humanity, and how much I could possibly sweat in a single day.

I only waited in line about 5 minutes, but the line was quite long when I left about 2:00 as you can see in the first picture here.


  1. That's amazing. I would like to know how many of these photos are taken with your DSLR and how many are with your phone. They are all great!

  2. When I went to Paris in 2012 with my DH, his boss and his boss's wife... they let me plan everything. So while we did the usual touristy stuff, we also hit Musee Rodin. Because I could NOT go to Paris and not see it. Definitely a HIGHLIGHT of my trip!