Thursday, May 28, 2015

Travel Thursday - Packing for Paris in Progress (Carry-on Bag)

Check out the adorable carry-on bag I snagged for 70% off at the Vera Bradley outlet in Nashville last week. Originally $128 - it came home with me for just $39 with tax. Woot! Woot!

Here is what I have packed in it:

There are four pockets inside and one long pocket on the outside. I've double bagged any item that might leak/explode as well as all electrical items. This will provide some additional protection in case a mishap occurs.

Outside pocket - a pair of leggings, a pink paisley tunic, a black ponte knit dress, 2 pairs of underwear, all in case my luggage is lost + my pareo to use as a blanket if I get cold on the plane

Interior pocket 1 - embellishment box by SC with planner supplies + ziploc bag (pens, ink pad, and adhesive) + 3 rolls of instax film

Interior pocket 2 - sketching kit (2 coloring books, 2 sketchpads, journal, makeup bag inside of a ziploc bag with pencils/pens/colored pencils/watercolor brush + watercolor palette) + iPad keyboard + folder of travel documents

Interior pocket 3 - stitching kit all stored in a large ziploc bag (3 small needlework projects + packet of needles + tiny scissors)

Interior pocket 4 - extra pair of sandals in case my luggage is lost + selfie stick + gorilla pod

Open interior space - Instax camera inside case, DSLR with fancy camera strap, large ziploc bag of electronic gadgets/chargers, large ziploc bag of meds/contacts, large ziploc bag with extra lenses inside, Heidi Swapp planner

FYI: I learned some important tips about what should and should not be put in checked bags. It's important not to store film or pens in checked luggage. Because of the screening that occurs, film may be exposed. Because of the lack of air pressure equalization, pens can explode in checked luggage.

And here's what the fully loaded bag looks like inside and out:

Unfortunately, my bag is pretty heavy. Like, it's not going to be fun walking from my domestic terminal to the international one at Charlotte, for sure. I'm just going to remind myself that I'll only actually be carrying the carry-on for a short period. Most of the time, it will be stored above my head on the plane.

Because I don't want to have to get in the upper storage area of the plane during the actual trip, (How obnoxious is it to stick your boobs in a stranger's face as you try to reach something in the storage area? Yeah, those are the things I think about in my spare time...) I'm also taking a large cross-body purse with me. I'll be able to put it under the seat in front of me and get whatever I need more easily that way.  In it, I'll store my phone, wallet/passport, a small ziploc with liquid toiletries, my small camera in its case, my iPad in its case, headphones, eye mask, meds for journey, and my glasses/sunglasses. Hopefully, these are all the things I'll need to make my flight comfortable. I'll pull my neck pillow out of my large carry-on bag once I get on the plane; maybe I'll be able to get some sleep that way.

There you have it - my carry-on bag is ready for my journey. I'm so excited that I'm totally obnoxious to be around these days. :)


  1. How fun to find a new bag you really like at a bargain price! You should be excited -- that's part of the fun of trips like this. Anticipation beforehand, fun in the moment, reflection afterward. :-) Wishing you safe and happy travels! ~ Laura

  2. This is so fun! You need to include this list and pic in your planner somewhere.

  3. I'm excited for you! Love that Vera bag - looks like the perfect size.

  4. I agree with Laura - anticipation and planning are such a fun part of the experience!! Love your bag - you are set!!!