Monday, May 25, 2015

Real-life talks with seniors - update

Here are the things we've been talking about in the last couple of months; these are the things they don't feel like they know. In case some of you have teenagers, you might want to talk with them about these topics or at least review them.

Money questions
      *Bank accounts + fees
      *Checking vs. savings (who needs what and why?)
      *Debit vs. credit cards (who needs what and why? how do you get? what do they mean?)
      Setting a budget while in college
      *Student loans + Pell grants + scholarships + other financial aid for school
      Credit reports (what are they and what do they measure? why do they matter?)
      *Taxes (who files? when? how? what are deductions? how to get a refund? why do some people               have to pay in at the end of the year?)

Household questions
     *Laundry (how to do it? what to use? why? how to read clothing labels?)
     Utility bills (how much to budget? what gets bundled together? how do you pay for it?)
     Renting an apartment (references? credit? cost? what to look for/avoid? roommates? leases?)
     *Opening accounts (utilities? cable/internet? cell phone? car insurance? health insurance?)

College life questions
      *Budgeting time (class + studying + friends + sorority/fraternity + family)
      *Making friends
      *Roommate problems and advice
      Joining a fraternity/sorority (why? how? should you? is it worth it?)
      Keeping friends from high school/home after you've moved away
      *Money issues (what will parents pay for? what will you pay for?)
      Going to the doctor by yourself
      Majors/minors (how to choose? can you get a job? how much school does that take?)

Isn't that a long list of worries? I've marked the items we've discussed as a class with an asterisk; we obviously didn't get around to discussing all of it.

Only four more days of school for me, three for underclassmen, and two for seniors - we can make it!



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  1. How I wish someone had talked to me about those things when I was in high school - it could have made such a difference! Thanks for caring and having an impact on these kids, Tiffany. Hope the end of your school year goes great and I'm so excited for your Paris adventure for you!!