Saturday, May 30, 2015

Follow me in Paris

If you'd like to follow my adventures in Paris, feel free to follow me on any of the following platforms. I plan to post at least one tidbit each day, but I may blow up your feed if I'm feeling lonely or am especially excited about something. You have been warned. :)

Instagram - @lowdertiff

Facebook -

Twitter - @lowdertiff

Youtube -
Right now, I only have a mini-album video posted. I hope to do some fun videos while I'm gone, but I make no promises. Nobody puts Tiffany in a corner! Lol!

And of course this lovely blog

Also stay tuned for an episode of The ScrapGals podcast taped while I'm in Paris!

If you need to get in touch with me while I'm away, feel free to email me at

(Can't y'all tell how creative I am when it comes to social platform and email names? hahaha!)

Bon voyage, mon amis!


  1. Have an awesome time, Tiffany!!! Looking forward to your posts!!

  2. I am sooooo excited for you!!! I hope you find your fears were unwarranted and can enjoy every moment. Safe travels.