Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Pup's Life - Just Chillin'

Approximately 21 hours a day, this is how Lowder-dog spends his time. Whether he's on the chaise lounge or the couch or in his little bed, this boy likes to snooze and cuddle. Since he's an old man of 13.5, he tends to run a bit chilly. I keep blankets out for him, so he can curl up and burrow as needed. Last week, I was doing stuff in the kitchen and caught him during one of his many siestas.

Head cocked slightly to see what I'm doing with my camera - 

Looking away slightly in resignation and disgust; he hates my camera -

Following my every move with his baleful eyes -

And, unfortunately, joined by Charlie-dog who likes to kind of sit on him periodically -

These pups spend their entire lives just chillin' - talk about the good life!

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