Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily - day 9

Here's day 9 of my December Daily. Again, I had only a short period of time to make it happen - about 40 minutes altogether. We don't get much snow in KY during December, so I was looking for an excuse to use this snow themed paper in the OA kit that I bought this year. I thought my first trip to a hockey game would be the perfect excuse to use the snowy paper. It's ice instead of snow, but the vibe is definitely the same. The page above is the back of the existing page for day 8. I simply added some gold tape across the page and added the gold glittered 9 to indicate which day I was covering in this layout.
Ignore the blinding white of my smile in the photo above. I guess my teeth blinded the camera - hahaha. Kidding!

The right hand side of the layout is a 5 X 8 page using an old paper from Pink Pislee I think. (Don't quote me on that for sure - I'll have to double check it when I'm home later.) I included a white glittered snowflake from AC, some old OA labels from last year, and a gold rubon from Jenni Bowlin to round out the page.

Here are a couple of closeup shots for your perusal.

 And here's the layout as it appears in my album thus far. It's simple, but I'm definitely pleased with it.

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to work on my DD a lot this weekend even though I have lots of things planned. Fingers crossed that I make it happen!

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