Saturday, November 15, 2014

PSA - Ladies, check your bits

Last week, I did the responsible thing and had my lady bits checked. This week, I went for my mammogram - oh the joys of being over 40! Just like you perform routine maintenance on your car, I hope you'll go to the doctor this year and perform some routine maintenance on yourselves. Save the tatas, check the bits, keep these old girls in good running shape for a while longer!

It's a glamorous life, right? Check out my sexy gown...

Don't I look excited? Going to get my oil changed is my fave...  (cracking up at that double entendre...)

And the accommodations always make me feel so welcome and pampered. The baby pics on the wall don't make me feel ancient at all; there's still a little bit of dew on this lily. (Yeah, not really...)

This concludes my public service announcement. Lol!  But really, go get yo' hoohas and tatas checked - for reals.

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