Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday helper - gift wrapping loveliness

Have you started wrapping gifts yet? I haven't. I often put it off until the last minute and then have to schedule a marathon wrapping session that causes me great frustration. This year, I vow to do better. 

In general, I like to avoid anything too busy when I wrap gifts. I think patterned paper needs a solid bow or vice versa. While I like some bright paper, solids are generally my preference.

I have a giant roll of kraft paper that I will probably use to primarily wrap gifts this year. If I can find wiener dog wrapping paper again (last year I found it at Target), I may buy some of it for special gifts. As a rule though, I want to use the kraft stuff. Here are a couple of ideas using kraft wrapping that I think would be simple and adorable for Christmas gifts. Gold sharpie and large red letters? I think yes. I bought some fabulous ribbon at Michael's last week that is primarily gold and cream and burlap, so I think it'll look awesome with the kraft paper.

Here are several of my faves from Pinterest:

I also think this chalkboard look is super cute. Idk where I'd find black wrapping paper though. Anybody have any ideas?

Here are a few cool gift tag ideas too:


When I have some gifts wrapped, I'll be sure to share them on my blog. Have you started wrapping yet? I'd love to see what you've decided on for your gifts this year. :)


  1. I have used kraft paper the past two years and love the way it looks. I change the ribbon/embellishment each year. Haven't decided what I want to use this year yet.

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