Monday, September 29, 2014

Yummy craftiness to inspire you

I finally got a little bit crafty yesterday, but I just haven't been feeling very motivated lately. I haven't scrapbooker much. Or stitched. Or crafted. Or painted. Or read any crafty magazines. Or written. Or even pinned. Quite frankly, I've been in survival mode for the last week just trying to get through some really long and stressful days at work. Since I know some of you come here for crafty inspiration, I thought I'd at least share some projects from other people that I find inspiring.

Make a clock from a wood pallet with Dusty McRae.

I def want to make some embroidery hoop art like this one at Craftinge.

Here's a simple scrapbook layout that I want to lift from Stephanie Howell

This would be a great wreath for my front door via Tatertots and Jello

And I think these fabric pumpkins are adorbs too; check them out at My Blessed Life

Even if I'm not especially inspiring at the moment, I hope you'll be inspired by these fabulous projects by others.

Peace out!


  1. I love all of those!!!!! I want to live Stephanie Howell's life for a day. :)

  2. Such an adorable craft work you have presented. I just love it. Are they for sale too? Because I will love to buy any of these from you.

  3. These are very beautiful and perhaps you made all these with things already at home. Can you tell us how you made the fabric pumpkins. I have some leftover clothes and would love to try them out.