Friday, August 22, 2014

Art journaling - Grandmother's art + my art journaling failures

Here's a shot of a piece of my grandmother's art that I mentioned in this week's podcast. :)

And here are several of my art journaling failures from the past few weeks:

Lessons learned: misting over reg ink doesn't work; stamping over paint isn't a great idea; hand lettering takes practice, planning, and a steady hand; waiting for paint/mist to dry is a necessity; designing pages before working on them is a good idea; being messy frustrates me; I'm apparently not a patient person.

Here are a few pages that are almost workable - maybe I could tweak them some and use them...

And here are a couple of pages I actually made and like:

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'll continue this art journaling gig, but I had fun trying it. Never say never - I might decide it is a fun way to play every now and then.


  1. you are braver than I am, I wouldn't even consider trying. Kudos!!

  2. I LOVE that Ms. Gatsby one!!!! Love all of them!

  3. tiffany, they are NOT failures! you're comparing your first attempts to your grandma's YEARS of art plus classes practice. you wouldn't expect someone who barely started reading to whiz through a huge chapter book would you?