Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jazz at the Streets of Indian Lake

Before enjoying a night of jazz, we had dinner at Brixx pizza in Hendersonville. I highly recommend the Rustica pizza. Tracie and her daughter, Caroline, posed for me without complaint. ;)

Then she snapped a photo of me. (I had to put on my sweater for the pic, otherwise there was too much boobage for the photo.)

Then it was time for the music. Def enjoyed listening to the Mike Claiborne Trio for the rest of the evening. (Photo creds go to Tracie Claiborne, but she was using my camera.) The weather was absolutely gorgeous - mid 60s in July in the South is simply unheard of...

Here's Tracie's husband, Mike Claiborne, getting funky on the bass. He performed original music as well as jazz and funk hits - super talented fella, people.

There's Andy Hull playing drums in the background.

And here's Erik Blue playing some rad keyboard. (He sang some too - awesome!)

Richard joined the Mike Claiborne Trio tonight to play saxophone and to serve as lead singer. He had a great performance personality and mad horn skills. :)

Even though I have to admit that I prefer all of my music to have words, the jazz that Mike's group played was amazing even when there were no words. (That's a HUGE compliment coming from me.)  Peace out, peeps!

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  1. LOL....I'm laughing about you liking music with words 'cause I say that to Mike all the time. I actually really like that pic of me and I LOVE the one of you!!! You're so cute.