Friday, May 2, 2014

Party up, ladies: Vintage Fest and Tracie's Birthday

I had such a fun weekend! It was Tracie Claiborne's birthday, and we had a lot of fun things planned.

Friday afternoon, we had a little photo shoot and went to dinner with Tracie's family before taping a podcast. Neither one of us was particularly happy with our photos, but it was still a fun thing to do. Here's one of my best shots. Dang, I need to work on my posing or my hair or my makeup or something. Next time, I'll be straightening this wild hair for sure!

Dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with Tracie's daughter (left) and sister (center)

My definitely yummy dinner that night

Who wants some birthday cake? I do; I do!

Hey girl, it's yo' birthday!

Saturday, we headed to Vintage Fest to shop and crop and hang out with friends.
Here I am getting ready to start cropping. Don't I look like I have on my 'game face?' I made three layouts at the crop; that was my goal since I wanted to share three projects on my blog this week. Go me!

Here's some of the shopping from Vintage Fest.  If you're local to the Nashville area, you should really try to come next time. It's a great combination of discounted scrapbook supplies and vintage finds that Jenni curates. We came in November and again last weekend and had a great time. It has been held at the Holiday Inn Express in Mount Juliet at Providence Place, but you can always check out Jenni's website for information about any upcoming events. JBS Mercantile

Here are some of the ladies who were cropping with us. (Tina Mayo and Chelle Greene are on the right hand side; they're the two that I know best, but the other ladies were sweet too.)   :)

Check out the fabulous lunch we stepped out to get at Blue Coast Burrito.

Tracie and I posed with Jenni for a pic. Jenni's husband, Jared, was sweet enough to take this for us. He's definitely a good sport. (I really don't like this pic of me, but I'm trying to roll with it.)

We left the crop a bit early so we could head over to Tracie's birthday dinner. We met some of our scrappy friends and spent a couple of hours eating and chatting and just catching up. I hadn't seen some of these girls in more than a year, so this was prob my favorite part of the day. (I forgot to take a pic of my meal - salmon this time. It was excellent, but I was too distracted by visiting with the girls to snap a photo.)

That's Tracie, me and Tonia Lee.

Here are Michelle Woods and Chelle Greene.

What a great weekend! I'll be sharing my 'haul' from Vintage Fest this weekend; check back in to see the yummy goodies I bought. :)



  1. I followed the link on Jenni Bowlin's blog to your podcast and am soooo happy I did. You two ladies are a riot. I listen to half a dozen or so scrappy podcasts and like them all for different reasons but yours is so refreshingly awesome. I tune in while I scrap and I instantly felt like I had two new friends in the room with me. I found myself nodding, answering back, and laughing so hard that I drew tears. I am so glad I found it and your blogs. Thank you so much for "keeping it real", making me laugh and remembering just why I got hooked on this hobby so many years ago.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment here - I love that! I'm always so thrilled when someone tells me she's enjoying the podcast. We have a great time doing them, so it feels great to hear that you're having fun listening. The best compliment I could ever receive is that we're keeping it real on the podcast and we're making you laugh. Thank you for letting me know. :) I'm off to check out your blog now...