Thursday, March 27, 2014

New technology in da' house!

First world problem - I couldn't stream any Netflix or Hulu in my scrapbook studio space because I lacked a wifi enabled device. How could I possibly feel creative without The Walking Dead or Dr. Who or Sons of Anarchy or Mr. Selfridge stimulating my senses? (I have rather eclectic taste in tv/film as you can tell.) How would I feel connected? How would I combat the loneliness?

First world solution - Roku 2. I bought that baby last weekend and hooked it up to my tv. Presto, chango, and bam - I can now stream without issue. (Okay, it took me like two hours to set everything up because I can't remember my blasted email/login/password combos for all the various services, but that had nothing to do with the actual device.) Now, I can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go, and even TWC channels that I didn't originally get without a cable box in there. I can also listen to Pandora and get on Facebook if the mood strikes me. Apparently, Spotify is only a paid option on the Roku, but I think I've got plenty of things to watch. Woohoo! No excuses. No 'loneliness.' No sense of disconnection. The world can stream at my fingertips in my office. This girl is happy about that.

First world problem - My 11 year old dslr just didn't seem to be doing it for me anymore. She was slow. She had no bells or whistles. I knew we had to break up. After struggling with card reader issues because it's the ancient CF kind and after realizing I had less button control and megapixel options than my little point and shoot has, I had been planning on a new camera purchase for a few months. I just didn't want to rush into the process and needed to spend my pennies wisely. I lusted after the Canon 60D and 70D but couldn't justify the extra expense after comparing them side by side. I really think the Ti5 will meet all of my needs at a more reasonable price.

First world solution - Having a daughter in college was very good for my taxes this year. Rather than having to worry about paying into the IRS, my high deductions and higher ed status for my household meant that my refund was quite nice. (How wonderful to get back about half of what I paid in to the government!) I had budgeted for a new camera from that 'windfall' and bit the bullet this past weekend. Say hello to my new Canon Ti5. Isn't she a beauty?

I'm very excited to get her out and play with her this weekend when the weather is pretty. I'd really like to take a photography class too, so I plan to explore some of my options for that both locally and online. My only other remaining decision now is whether I want to keep the old girl as a backup or sell her to offset the purchase of a new lens. Suggestions or opinions on that matter?

PSA: I purchased my camera at Best Buy. The list price in the store was $100 more than what had the camera listed for that day; I requested a price match with no difficulty. Always check online prices for the store you visit and competitors,then ask for an adjustment if there's a discrepancy!

Disclaimer: Fwiw, I'm well aware of the culture of consumption in this country and other industrialized nations. I'm certainly very lucky to be able to afford the goodies that I purchase for fun and entertainment. I work hard and do like my toys/gadgets. My hope is that you and I continue to have all that we need and some of the things we want. 

When I teach satire to my seniors, the video link below is one that I have shown the last couple of years. It's all about teenage 'affluenza.'  If you have teenagers who complain that their lives are soooo hard, you might share it with them. My students always get a kick out of it and recognize its satirical bent quite easily. :) 



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  1. I am stoked about your camera. Kind of jealous but stoked. :) You deserve it!