Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy mail!

Doesn't it feel good to get happy mail? Not bills. Not junk mail. Happy mail, specifically packages. There are few things that make me happier than a package of goodies waiting for me on my front doorstep when I come home from work.

Yesterday, I came home to happy mail from my fave scrapbooking website - 2peas. I love twopeasinabucket.com.  I love their forums, their galleries, and their shopping. In years past, I didn't shop much at 2peas because I had local stores to support and because I do prefer the experience of shopping for scrapbook supplies in person. Since there are no local stores for me to support anymore, I've decided to do more purchasing with them. As a user of the site for 10+ years, I think supporting their business is a reasonable thing to do. Ideally, this year I want to place an order with them every couple of months. They always have the latest and greatest supplies, and I think their prices are pretty much in line with other retailers. They often have a free shipping code if your order meets a minimum requirement, and I think that's a great incentive to shop there. If you aren't getting the newsletter from 2peas, sign up for it; the shipping codes are included in their newsletters. If you use online forums/galleries, do you make an effort to support them with your shopping? I just wonder what other people think.

Here I am bouncing with joy at my happy mail...well, only parts of me bounce, but you get the idea. ;)

And here is the yummy paper I purchased. I'm so excited to scrapbook with this paper! The weights of the paper are fabulous, btw, that's a HUGE plus for me when I order something online. I know that Jillibean Soup and My Mind's Eye and October Afternoon all have great thickness of paper, for example, but sometimes I'm not sure what I'll get when I order from other manufacturers. All of this paper is fabulous... Honestly, I could order only paper and be thrilled with what I selected. Pretty paper just makes me happy.

I also treated myself to some fun embellishments with this order.  Check out those OA cards and the tiny envelopes and the wooden pieces!  I don't remember ordering that puffy Christmas embellishment package from OA, but I like it. Lol! Maybe I was just trigger happy with my shopping cart!

Total scrapbooking nerd alert! My order was placed inside the box in a kraft bag with a twopeasinabucket sticker holding it shut. Yep, I tore that sticker off the bag and plan to use it in a layout about my fave website one of these days. You know you've got the scrapbooking bug bad when...  Haha! I wonder if other people do the same thing; surely, I'm not the only one.

Have you purchased anything scrapbooking related lately? Tell me about it. What do you plan to use with your new goodies? I'm looking forward to scrapbooking Thursday night and Sunday this week. I don't know what I'll be making yet, but I'm itching to work with some of my new goodies.

Disclaimer: Www.twopeasinabucket.com doesn't know I blogged about them and doesn't know who I am personally; I just think it's an awesome site and wanted to share my goodies with you. :)

Go and be crafty, peeps!

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  1. I got happy mail from 2Peas a couple of weeks ago too! I ordered a bunch of the Simple Stories Charmed Life collection. I'm planning on doing a mini of my favorite things. I look a photo of that 2Peas sticker it was all wrapped in!